Frequently Asked Questions

Q : What method should I use to evaluate the flavor sample ?
A : We recommend a level of use on a weight for weight basis of flavor to the ready to consume food product, e.g. 0.2% w/w means the addition of 0.2 gm of flavor to 100 gm of product. When using powdered flavors it is best to either pre-mix them with other dry ingredients or gradually add liquid to them, mixing well to form a smooth paste.

Q : How should I optimize the use of flavor in my product ?
A : After the initial tasting of our flavored product the chances are it will need some fine tuning. Too weak ? Add 1/4 level more, e.g. for 0.2% w/w, add an additional 0.05% w/w. Too strong ? Try 0.15% w/w. Talk to us about your results.

Q : I have some special requirements for my project, will your flavor be suitable ?
A : Upon request we will supply :

– Specifications
– Certificate of Analysis
– Kosher certification
– GMO statement
– Vegetarian status
– Pricing
– Cost in use
– Nutritional details
– Shelf life

Q : How long is the lead time for delivery ?
A : 2 weeks in general.

Q : Do you have a standard packing size ?
For liquids : 5 gallon pails or 50 gallon drums or totes (various weight).
For powders : 50 lb cartons.