Nutrition à la carte


Nobody wants your customer to try your fortified beverage, your energy bar, your soy-based drink or any of your nutritional food, once and once only.

Now “good for you” no longer needs to taste either odd or bad. OSF Flavors brings you a choice a la carte. As you develop your new product we invite you to consult with us regarding your flavor needs. Each product, with its specific blend of vitamins, minerals, soy or whey proteins, herbal extracts and other functional ingredients, brings its own unique flavor challenge.
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Healthy foods, linked with convenience, continue to be a key trend in innovation. Time-pressured consumers are looking for nutritional easy-to-eat products for consumption “on the move”. In the development of your new product we are sure that your time is also at a premium. Whether you are developing a nutritional supplement, drink or bar we believe our flavoring expertise can help :

– Adding extra flavor is generally not the answer and can become expensive.
– Cost-effective masking flavor can overcome inherent taste problems.
– Combinations of masking flavors with complementary flavors provide choice as you develop your product.