More than 40 years
of experience


Since being founded in the USA in 1983, OSF Flavors has been creating high-quality, custom flavors for a broad range of food products and beverages. While our technologies have evolved and our teams have grown, our priority has remained the same: excellent customer service.


Through our extensive international experience and advanced knowledge of food technology, we are able to propose unique flavor solutions to match our customers’ ideas.

We believe that the success of a joint project is rooted in a relationship of trust. We see confidentiality and accessibility as the cornerstones of all our customer relations.

Our values

— Understanding your needs in order to design custom solutions together.

— Meeting the very highest manufacturing and quality assurance standards.

— Anticipating market trends among customers and suppliers.

— Cultivating a harmonious working relationship.

— Differentiating through attention to detail.


With their expertise, our teams pledge to provide you with the best possible service. Whether it’s a focus on production quality, cost effectiveness, or attention to detail, we always strive to go the extra mile in our quest for excellence. Our mission is to develop a personal and accessible relationship that is conducive to us reaching our ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction.

Our clean
label process

Following repeated scandals within the food industry, “clean label” has become a common phrase associated with a recent societal transformation in which today’s consumers demand genuine transparency from the products they buy. They want products that are authentic, natural, and organic because what’s on the inside does count.

Clean label

There is no single definition of “clean label”; the concept hinges around several widely accepted criteria:

— Natural ingredients
— Transparency
— Nutritional quality
— Simple formulation
— Sustainability

OSF Flavors has also taken its clean label initiative to another level. By “clean label” we also mean a clean and sustainable way of creating and manufacturing our products.

We use solar power as the only source of energy in our production facility.


Our process

Today, it is the consumers who are shaping the market. At OSF Flavors, we anticipate new trends in order to provide our customers with a range of products and services that is as comprehensive as possible.
Thanks to our expertise in sourcing natural and organic ingredients, we are able to ensure that our products fit your clean label standards and guidelines.

Safety &

All the ingredients used in the manufacture of our products undergo the strictest quality testing. We pay particular attention to every detail and to safety. Our high-quality flavors benefit from the best certifications.

OSF Flavors is SQF3 approved. This is the highest possible level of certification internationally. It guarantees that OSF processes, produces and handles food products in the strictest global standards.

Approval of a product by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) means that the effects have been examined by the CDER (Center for Drug Evaluation and Research), and that it has been determined that its benefits outweigh the known and potential risks in the target population.

This certification assesses food quality and safety criteria and is granted by the Food Products Association after a combined audit that examines supplier practices in the fields of quality-related management responsibility; in particular, it inspects food safety systems based on hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP).

OSF is certified organic (accredited by the USDA.)

OSF has great expertise in non-GMO flavors. We can offer a wide range of non GMO-Flavors for all your food and beverage products. Non-GMO flavors do not contain any genetically modified proteins, nor are they derived from genetically modified sources.

OSF is certified by Kof-K, leader in the international world of Kosher certification

OSF is Halal certified by IFANCA

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