February 10, 2022

3 flavors to develop a vegan burger

Some of the more popular vegan-friendly items on the market today are meat substitutes like veggie dogs and veggie burgers. Most people do not turn to veganism simply because they dislike the taste of meat, and for many, having the option to taste those flavors while still adhering to their vegan diets is a welcome option. Here are some of the most important natural flavorings for vegan product manufacturers to keep in mind.

Beef flavoring

The competition to create the best plant-based burger has been one of the more highly publicized developments in the arena of vegan food. Burgers in all forms will always be in high demand. They’re a classic item, easy to make, easy to consume, and open to a wide range of flavor pairings and varieties. So perfecting the formulation for vegan-friendly beef flavoring is worth it simply for the goal of creating a great vegan-friendly burger. But this is not the only vegan fast food item that calls for top notch beef flavoring. Vegan burritos, bowls, and soups can all benefit from beef flavors.

Chicken flavoring

Perhaps no meat is more widely used in the food industry than chicken. So the need to find a perfect chicken substitute is clear and obvious. Chicken sandwiches, chicken wings, grilled chicken, chicken salad. There are innumerable different ways to prepare and use chicken, and all of these should be options for vegan-friendly businesses and consumers as well. Chicken flavoring for vegan products may not get as much press as beef flavoring, but it is no less important for vegan food manufacturers

Pork flavoring

Vegan hot dogs and sausages are among the most popular vegan options. But like other meat flavors, there is no shortage of ways to make use of pork flavoring for vegan food manufacturers. Bacon, ham, and barbecue pulled pork are three of the most popular items among meat lovers for their savory taste. Having access to vegan-friendly varieties of these flavors is something that would be greatly appreciated by many consumers.

While it is important to offer high quality food flavorings in the vegan food industry, it is equally important to ensure that each product adheres to the strict standards of a vegan diet. This is why it’s important to only use carefully selected and developed natural ingredients every step of the way. Responsible flavoring manufacturers like OSF Flavors work hard to ensure that their natural flavorings are developed to perfectly suit each product, in taste as well as nutritional and ethical standards. Ask for you sample today !

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