January 13, 2023

Make Your Bacon-Flavored Products Even Better With These Unexpected Flavors

For meat artisans, much of what it takes to carefully process and cure animal products relies heavily on generation-long techniques. This is especially true when it comes to high-caliber, quality bacon. Traditions surrounding cured pork date back centuries. While these procedures are still central to the process, today’s artisans are shifting the formula. The classic bacon flavor we know and love is getting a contemporary twist. 

In many households, bacon is a staple culinary item. This stems far beyond the breakfast table, with cured pork making its way into a unique span of meals. If you’re looking for unexpected ways to bring added life to your tried and true bacon formula, look no further. Stick around for some surprising flavor pairings that will take your product to the next level.

Much to Love About Bacon 

It’s not hard to recognize the oozing potential that patiently waits inside bacon’s mature flavor profile. We’ve reached an era that seeks to diversify the presence of this delicacy in our mealtime roster. Smoky flavor, fluffy fat, and a ripe savory essence are the elements that take bacon to the top. Here’s how you can build on these notes and enhance the bacon experience.

Sweet Candied Bacon 

Sweet and savory flavors have a steady fanbase to consider. Pairing these two flavor essences creates a contrast that compliments like no other. Candied bacon is a perfect testament to this flavor niche. If you’re a fan of maple syrup drizzled on your bacon, this technique will kick things up a notch.

Candied bacon can be enjoyed as hors d’oeuvres at gatherings or served as a spiced-up addition to breakfast. You can’t go wrong with bacon coated in brown sugar, cayenne, and red pepper. Introducing candied bacon to your product line will extend the reach of your flavor expertise. 

Coffee-Flavored Bacon

Let’s divulge from the sweet and savory combo and pair our bacon with the robust flavor profile of coffee. These flavors complement each other in an undeniable way, utilizing a range of fruity and earthy elements for a perfect pork product. Coffee bean possesses a maturity similar to bacon with its bitter, bold, and powerful flavor. If you’re looking for a hot new combination, this is the one. 

Your bacon can be easily prepared with a twist by creating a simple maple syrup and coffee mixture. With this mix, bacon can be prepared as normal and basted in the glaze towards the end of its cooking time. Adding coffee to your bacon formula will bring layers of flavor and aroma to your product. 

Bacon With a Citrus Glaze

Creating the perfect flavor is a balancing act that takes the right combination of ingredients. However, certain flavors are able to lighten this load in an effortless, breezy way. If you’re scouting out an example, take a glance at the delicious powers that come together with citrus and bacon. 

To master this combo, develop an orange and honey glaze to brush onto your bacon during the formulation process. The heat of the pan will activate the aromatic properties and oils of sweet citrus. This balances out bacon’s smokiness in a perfect way. These two flavors will develop a unique offering for your next bacon product. 

Explore Unique Pairings with OSF Flavors 

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