April 2, 2021

Our masking flavors for plant proteins

One serving of plant protein powder can contain up to 24 grams of protein, making it comparable to other types of animal protein powders like whey, the most commonly used protein in the sport nutrition market. Typically, the market’s main sources of plant proteins are pea, soy, hemp or brown rice.

These proteins represent a challenge for the food industry: they often have a strong and unpleasant aftertaste, which is an issue for consumers. This aftertaste can often be described as “beany,” “earthy” or sometimes even “green.” To address this challenge, OSF Flavors has developed a specific masking flavor technology to mask these off-notes and improve the taste of products made with plant proteins.

Development of a masking flavor

As a flavor manufacturer, it is common for our customers to send us the “base” of their functional products, like the plant protein powder, for example. Thanks to OSF Flavors’ GC-MS technology, we can characterize the flavor and aroma profile of this specific vegan protein, which can change drastically as the origin and methods used to obtain the protein varies between brands. A panel of flavorists then tastes the protein to establish a precise organoleptic profile of the protein to mask.

This is the first step in the development of a specific masking flavor.


The flavorists are then able to use their expertise to select specific flavor building blocks to create the most appropriate masking agent for the application.These flavor building blocks are developed by studying, analyzing and tasting plant proteins from around the world. Each flavor component is complex and targets one specific unwanted aftertaste of the vegan protein. For example, some of them work well to mask bitterness while others help to suppress the “earthy” off-notes. These flavor building blocks are then combined in specific ratios which results in a masking flavor effective for the specific protein to be masked.

You need an expert to flavor your plant protein products


Today, OSF Flavors is able to develop natural and organic masking agents to answer consumer demands in clean and sustainable products. We have the expertise and technology to create tailor-made, natural masking flavors, adapted to the flavor profile of very specific plant protein based products.

Requesting a sample is the next step in creating your next plant based innovation!


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