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"À la carte"

Your objective is to get your consumers hooked on your functional drinks, protein bars, beverages or whichever food products you’re promoting, after just one taste.

Because we want you to meet your objective, OSF offers you choices “à la carte”. During the product development process, we welcome your input in order to better determine your flavor needs. Each product, with its own specific mix of vitamins, minerals, proteins, plant extracts and other functional ingredients, brings its own challenges for a unique flavor.

Research and Development

OSF Flavors would be delighted to discuss your project with you and determine how we can best serve your needs by drawing on our extensive experience in flavor development.

We use our knowledge of formulation and research & development expertise for the benefit of your project. After working with you to define the outcome of the final product, OSF experts assess and select the best flavors to match your requirements. Throughout the process, we are available to discuss your project with you and quickly answer any questions you may have.

Our organic
& natural flavors

For more than 40 years, OSF Flavors has been designing custom flavors.
The diversity of our teams' profiles enables us to offer creative, cost effective organic and natural flavor solutions.

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All-time classics are the flagship products of our business, and we have mastered every nuance and specificity that goes into perfecting these flavors :

Chocolate — Vanilla — Coffee — Peanut butter — Strawberry — Caramel

Sour or sweet, subtle or intense fruit flavors are our specialty. The quality of our sourcing guarantees you a product of the highest caliber.

Berries — Citrus flavors — Exotic fruit — Mango — Pineapple — Passion fruit

Today’s consumers are seeking more than just flavor; they are also seeking new experiences. Our innovative flavors give you both.

Tiramisu — Mocha Cappuccino — Toffee — Cookie dough — Rocky Road — Cheesecake — Cinnamon bun — Mojito

The food industry is trending towards naturally-flavored, additive-free products. The growing demand for natural products, with a low salt content and no monosodium glutamate or allergens, makes it necessary to develop flavors and ingredients that address unique requirements. Offering economically viable solutions is also a constant challenge for these products.

Meat — Vegetarian meat — Seafood — Fish — Vegetables

Our masking flavors

OSF Flavors developed a unique masking flavor technology to help with the formulation of your final product.

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Whether it is high in vegetal protein, sweeteners, vitamin or minerals, we have a natural flavor to mask the off-taste of your product:

— Whey protein masking
— Vegetal protein masking (pea protein, soy protein, rice protein etc.)
— Sweeteners' off-taste masking flavors (metallic, bitter etc.)
— Vitamins and mineral masking flavors

Our functional flavors

As a developer, you are facing formulation constraints. Our functional flavors can help you overcome these challenges.

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To strengthen the taste profile of your product in a cost-effective way, you may want to use our expertise in the following functional flavors:

— Sweetness enhancers
— Salt replacers
— MSG replacers
— Non-dairy milk and cream enhancers
— Cocoa enhancers

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