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Thanks to our unique flavor formulation process, we create new flavors which will specifically match your end product. This is the best way for us to help you deliver high quality products to your customers.

Healthy, accessible foods continue to represent a key innovative trend. Consumers who have little free time are seeking healthy, easy-to-eat products, suitable for "on the move" consumption. During the development of your new product, we understand that your time is equally as valuable. No matter what product you are developing, we have the solution.

While on-trend ingredients bring undeniable benefits, they are often restricted by problems associated with flavor, acidity, or bitterness. To make sure consumers can fully enjoy your products’ benefits, extra care must be taken during the formulation stage.

To combat issues associated with taste, adding an additional flavor is rarely the solution and can quickly become expensive. Rather than adding flavors stronger than those you want your customers to enjoy, you can overcome taste problems by using our masking solutions.

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Consumers are increasingly cutting their sugar intake without wanting to sacrifice taste.

Faced with the phenomenon of “sugarbashing”, manufacturers often need to replace the sugar in their recipes with alternative sweeteners. Since innovation flourishes in the face of adversity, numerous sugar alternatives have emerged in recent years including sucralose, stevia and others. However, these often have an after-taste that negatively impacts the overall flavor of the product. Stevia, for example, is known to have a metallic after-taste.

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Although traditionally consumed by body-builders and high-level athletes, the trend towards healthier lifestyles has opened up the sports nutrition market to a much broader audience and thus a need to address more diverse requirements.

The boom in sports nutrition has led to the proliferation of protein sources such as whey, which may have an after-taste that can be off-putting to consumers.

All sports nutrition consumers, whether high-level athletes or those who are simply fitness enthusiasts, want to maintain their form through advanced nutrition products that can be easily incorporated into their daily routine.

To combine taste and performance, our experts are committed to helping you find the right solution to make your product unique and great tasting.

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Considerations related to climate change, a growing awareness of the ecological impact of livestock farming, and animal welfare concerns are prompting people to question their meat consumption and rebalance their protein intake between animal and vegetable proteins.

Flexitarianism, veganism, and vegetarianism are gaining traction and triggering the emergence of new needs and new demands. Since protein sources are still essential, the supply and demand of animal protein alternatives are becoming increasingly diversified. With alternatives such as soy, super mushrooms or microalgae, consumers have a vast selection from which to choose.

However, some plant proteins have a strong aftertaste that may not agree with all consumers. With your feedback, OSF Flavors is available to study your recipe so that together we can find a masking flavor that enables your product to fully demonstrate its nutritional and flavor qualities.

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For your body to function normally, minerals are essential. They are involved in a broad range of physiological functions: bone mineralization and water balance, and enzyme, hormone, muscle, nervous and immune system control. Minerals such as iron, magnesium and zinc have known beneficial properties, supported by legal health claims on a European and, very often, global level.

To cope with the ever-increasing stresses of modern-day life, there is a growing interest in eating foods and drinks fortified with minerals and in taking mineral supplements.

Despite their beneficial properties, elements such as zinc, iron, and manganese tend to have metallic tastes that may deter consumers from the products that contain them. As our customer, we will work with you to find the perfect solution by accessing our vast inventory of masking flavors, so that your consumers never have to sacrifice taste for healthy options.

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“Energy,” “immunity,” and “vitality” are the words associated with the biggest trend in the functional foods market.

Renowned, energy-giving ingredients such as green coffee beans, guarana, ginseng or yerba mate have great properties but also characteristic bitter flavors that may put-off potential customers. With our high-quality masking flavors, you can eliminate the drawbacks while retaining the advantages of these products to give your customers the experience they are looking for.
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We support you throughout your product development, to elevate the end product. Our masking flavors are natural and clean label.

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Once your custom flavors are ready, we send you samples matching your requirements. In addition, we provide comprehensive regulatory support, regardless of the country in which you wish to market your products.

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