October 1, 2021

Our wide range of certified organic flavors

Ask for a sample of organic flavor today !

The role of flavor suppliers in creating organic food products is key as they must adhere to strict rules in order to create certified organic flavors. As a leader in the flavor industry, OSF Flavors has been working in R&D for many years to offer one of the widest range of organic flavors for food and beverages on the market.

The challenge of certified organic flavors

With a limited number of ingredients from which to choose, it can be extremely challenging for flavorists to create the best possible taste profiles for customers.

Where other companies struggle, however, OSF Flavors thrives. For over a decade, we have been documenting all the organic materials available for the creation of flavors. Thanks to their experience, our team of flavorists is capable of creating one of the widest ranges of certified organic flavors currently available for food and beverage companies. The first step is always to request a sample from our technical teams worldwide.

Today, OSF Flavors offers a library of more than 150 certified organic flavors. Whether you seek classic flavors like vanilla and chocolate, fruit flavors like mango or citrus, or innovative flavors like cookie dough and tiramisu, we are able to adapt to a large range of projects, including extensive experience within the sport supplement industry (protein powders, energy drinks, meal replacement shakes, amino acids etc…).

The future of organic flavors: our vision

At OSF Flavors, we believe that organic flavors will become standard for a majority of companies in the food industry. In response to this growing demand, our goal is to develop an even wider range of certified organic flavors. To meet this objective, we will continue our R&D work, as well as our partnerships with our ingredient suppliers, in order to source the best organic material for the development of our flavors.

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